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30,000sqft Complex Learn More | Dream More | Be More

+30,000 sqft

A place like no other.

  • Alphaland is more than a place where high performers come to be their best.
  • In short, Alphaland is for a group of people.
  • People with a relentless focus on making small,
  • incremental gains each and every day.
  • We've built upon the already-recognized Alphalete high standards
  • and taken them to the highest level by providing...





State-of-the-art Amenities

2 NCAA Sized
Basketball Courts

Football Field

2 Running Slides

Private Workout Studio

High-end Equipment


Dance Class

Boxing Equipment

Dedicated Workspaces

Modern Patio

Secure Lockers

Towel Service

and so much more coming soon...

A healthy outside starts from the inside.

Enjoy delicous mealsavailableat

Enjoy an exclusive retail experience at...

World's 1st Alphalete Retail Flagship

+ all your favorite brands

gathered in one spot!

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1502 Industrial Dr, Missouri City, TX 77489, United States


  • MON – FRI: 5 AM – 12 AM
  • SAT: 8 AM – 10 PM
  • SUN: 8 AM – 9 PM
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Frequently Asked Questions 🤔

How old do I have to be to workout at Alphaland?

15 and Over.

-16 and 17 Years Old: Parent or legal guardian needs to sign Liability Waiver, after that is signed, individual can come in on their own every visit thereafter.
*if legal guardian is signing we need proof of guardianship.

-15 Years Old: Parent or legal guardian needs to sign waiver and remain on premises while individual works out.

-14 Years Old and under: No Admittance, No Exceptions.

Where can I park?

Can I tour the facility?

You are welcome to tour the facility alongside a sales representative who is more than happy to discuss the different options we have available.

Our sales representatives are available in person from 8am-11pm Monday through Friday, and 8am-9pm Saturdays and Sundays! If you have any questions please email sales@thealphaletegym.com for our membership options! 

Does my friend count as a Legal Guardian?

a Legal Guardian that we require is court appointed. Someone who is legally responsible for the safety and well being of the individual with documentation.

Do you guys allow filming in your facility?

Yes we allow filming! Make sure your filming is courteous to other’s space and not blocking any walkways or emergency exits. If you are requiring additional lighting, stands, etc please speak to a manager about setting up an appointment.

Do you have online waivers I could sign and either email or print out upon arrival?

Unfortunately no, to insure the validity of the signed liability waiver, we will need a parent/legal guardian to physically sign the liability waiver.

Could my friend sign the waiver for me if I’m under 18?

No, it would have to be a parent or legal guardian to sign the liability waiver

If I purchase my day pass online, will the time expire after 24 hours?

If you purchase a Single, 3 or 5 Day Pass online, your time window doesn’t start until you come see us at our Front Desk! One of our associates will have you build a profile, sign the liability waiver, and appropriate day pass waiver. The time restrictions only start once you are finished with our Front Desk! 

Where is the Gym Front Desk Located?

Our Gym Front Desk is located in our lobby on the right two iPads at our Front Desk. The Retail side is located on the left two iPads. 

Do you have any Chiropractic/Recovery on site?

Yes, Dr. Stamps of Alpha Chiropractic is located by the sales office in Gym 1. Schedule an appointment ahead of time on IG: @alpha.chiro and ask about the different rates and options available to you!

How long are the Day Passes good for?

- Our Single Day Pass is valid for 24 hours after time of purchase, the copy of the receipt is your ticket back for re-entry during that timeframe.

- 3 Day Pass is valid for 7 days, meaning you have 7 days to utilize those 3 check-ins. If you come twice in one day, it is marked as 2 check-ins. ID Required to check-in for 3 Day Pass.

- 5 Day Pass is valid for 10 days, meaning you have 10 days to utilize those 5 check-ins. If you come twice in one day, it is marked as 2 check-ins. ID Required to check-in for 5 Day Pass.

Am I allowed to bring my dog to Alphaland?

Only service animals are allowed at Alphaland. Emotional support animals are unfortunately not allowed. 

What are your hours?

- Monday - Friday: 5am-12am

- Saturday: 8am-10pm

- Sunday: 8am-9pm

*Any modified hours/changes will be posted on our IG page

How can I cancel my membership?

We handle cancellations via email! the website cancellation link located at the bottom of the page directly sends a ticket to our inbox! 

-You can also email memberships@thealphaletegym.com if you have any questions regarding your cancellation.

Do you have to have to purchase a day pass or have a membership to shop the Alphaland Retail Store?

No, if you are just shopping retail, a day pass or membership is not required. To access the rest of the facility a day pass or membership is required.

Do you have a lost and found?

We have lost and founds located at the Front Desk in both Gyms 1 and 2. Ask an associate about any lost items and they will be more than happy to assist. They may ask questions for validation in order to insure lost items are returned to the right owner

Do you have fitting rooms?

We have 3 fitting rooms in our Retail Store.

Do discounts codes work in store?

We do not accept discounts codes in our retail store.

If I purchase clothing online, can I return/exchange at Alphaland’s Retail Store?

No, unfortunately they are from two different systems, so any online returns go through our customer service located on the www.alphaleteathletics.com website. Any clothing purchased in the Alphaland retail store is only valid for returns/exchanges at the retail side of our front desk! 

What’s the return policy for items purchased in the Alphaland Retail Store?

You have 30 days from date of purchase to return or exchange any items. We require:

    1. Copy of the Receipt

    2. Tags still need to be on item

    3. No signs of washing, damaging, or odor

Can I pose in the Studio located in Gym 1?

Yes! We require appropriate attire to be worn during posing. If you are posing in bikini, please reserve your spot at the Front Desk with one of our associates.

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